Basketball's new version 3X3 became the No.1 urban team sport worldwide. The game is even faster and more intense than the classical basketball. It is a half-court, one hoop game with "shot clock" of only 12 seconds to increase the pace of the game. 3X3 matches are played "non-stop" for 10 minutes; the half-time and quarter-breaks do not apply. This makes it attractive for the audience to watch a game from start to finish. The games are accompanied by non-stop music, which creates an atmosphere and especially attracts young people.

A special advantage of 3X3 is the easy accessibility for the people: In order to be there, people don't have to go to stadiums or sports halls, but sport comes to them into the city - to the public squares, parks, shopping malls. In short, 3X3 is an excellent alternative for people who are interested in demanding sports, but also in leisure events with family and friends.

3x3 rules


3 players
+1 sub

3X3! The name says it all. This game is played 3 against 3 with one substituation player. Subbing is only allowed during deadballs. Attention: no subbing or time-outs after the basket!


12 second
shot clock

The time short! After gaining control of the ball you have 12 second to shoot the ball to the basket. After you gain possession inside the arc, you have to clear the ball.


10 minute

10 minute sprint! Each game lasts 10 minutes.


1 point shots
2 behind the arc

Baskets inside the arc and free throws count as 1. Makes from behind the arc count 2 points.


Ball always
in play

The clock stops only at deadballs: Foul, travel, out of bounce. The time starts again with check ball. Attention: no subbing or time-outs after the basket!


21 to win
or team in lead

Whoever scores 21 points first or has more points at the end of 10 Minutes wins the game. In case of a tie, the team who scores 2 points first wins!